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Opportunity for All Desiring a Healthy Relationship

Although this book speaks primarily to young women, it can be beneficial for women of any age who want fresh insights into finding and sustaining a healthy, fulfilling relationship. Building meaningful and satisfying connections is not just for women, but is something everyone needs to know. If you are someone who will benefit from learning healthy approaches to relationships, this book will provide an opportunity for you to gain insights that will lead to a better understanding on how to make healthier choices in relationships.

About the Book

Step One: “Coming Face-to-Face with Oneself” shares with you the key components of self-assessment.

Step Two: “Opening Up to the Idea of a Healthy Relationship” details how past relationships can hinder the growth of a current relationship or even the start of a new one.

Step Three: “Moving Toward a Healthy Relationship” aims to help you protect and maintain personal safety, especially during the formative stage of a relationship.

Step Four: “Formulating a Plan and Agreement for a Healthy Relationship” explains the significance of relationship agreements and understanding expectations in relationships.

Step Five: “Optimizing Opportunities for a Healthy Relationship” shows how friendship, respect, open communication, and trust interconnect to build healthy relationships.

Step Six: “Reflecting on a Relationship for Review and Revision” focuses on the importance of taking time to evaluate relationships.

Step Seven: “Taking the Relationship to the Next Level” shares with you indicators that suggest you and your partner are ready for a deeper, closer relationship while emphasizing the need for clarity about the direction in which your relationship is headed.


Genres: Non-FictionRelationships


 “A relationship book for adults of all ages”
 - C. Haynes

“A realistic approach for building safe and satisfying relationships”
- S. Smith

“The book that points out the purpose and benefits of relationship agreements”
- B. Sibenge

“Skilled facilitators for discussions can adapt the content of this book to best meet the needs of participants at all levels ”
- S. Forte

“his book offers encouragement for those reflecting on bad experiences in relationships”
- L. Harris

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