For Writers

The Giraffe

The giraffe is the tallest animal on earth and works to protect other animals. Because giraffes have long necks and legs, they can see predators far away. When giraffes spot danger, they warn other animals by running. These other animals in turn run to protect themselves when the alarm is given. Giraffes in the wild are nature’s early-warning systems that use their vantage points to help others who are more vulnerable or less experienced.

The Writer’s Giraffe

The Writer’s Giraffe seeks to help aspiring authors to avoid pitfalls as they make their journey to successful publishing and marketing. The Writer’s Giraffe helps aspiring authors clear the path to success before engaging in the writing process, by introducing them to ideas and concepts that are essential, interviewing support persons, such as book consultants, and liaising with potential publishers and marketers. Understanding key writing concepts and relevant book matters prepare authors to ask critical questions and avoid harmful scams. While The Writer’s Giraffe may suggest resources and support persons, authors are responsible for the creation and promotion of their books.

The Writer’s Giraffe also supports students in clearing the way to success. The Writer’s Giraffe reviews written assignments with them. Through open dialogue, The Writer’s Giraffe works to help learners structure written assignments by assisting with the development of outlines. To uphold ethical standards in education, learners are responsible for definitions, formulas, editing, citing, and writing their own assignments. They are also responsible for clarifying assignments with instructors. The Writer’s Giraffe is here to empower students and unearth their own potential for success.

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