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  • Are book orders on limited to 2 books?
    Yes, however, buyers can contact us for bulk or special orders through our contact link.
  • Is the only place to purchased autographed copies?
    No, autograph copies may be provided at public venues. Furthermore, only hardcover books will be autographed.
  • How will buyers know if they have been sold an outdated version of book?
    The updated version of the book will have a sentence that reads- To clarify, strategies are plans, techniques are approaches, and tools are evaluation methods. This sentence is in the Introduction under the Overview of the Book. Buyers who did not receive the updated version should contact the seller. Buyers may also get in touch with us through our contact link.
  • Can books be purchased with other retailers?
    Yes, print books are also sold online at Barnes and Noble, Walmart and Amazon. Buyers are also encouraged to check with local bookstores as many of these sellers may carry or can order our books.
  • Can buyers purchase books as a gift?
    Yes, if buyers wish to purchase an eBook follow the instructions at Smashwords ( ). For print books, buyers may select to purchase up to two gift books per order. However, print books can only be shipped to one address.
  • Is Smashwords the only seller for e-books?
    No, eBooks can be purchased at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Other sites such as Apple can be found on Smashwords ( )
  • What should buyers do if they face difficulties in downloading eBooks from Smashwords?
    If buyers are having problems downloading eBooks through this site, they are encouraged to contact Smashwords via email. Buyers may also contact us if they are having problems downloading eBooks.
  • Will buyers need to sign up with Smashwords to purchase eBooks from their site?
    Yes, buyers will need to sign up with Smashwords.
  • Are buyers free to ask questions outside of this list of questions?
    Yes, buyers can ask other questions by going to our contact link.
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